Prid Shine Valeting Services

Mobile Car Valeting Services

  • tailor made valet programs to suit everyone and every budget
  • we always use the finest materials to ensure your vehicle receives the highest level of service
  • our pride shine staff are highly trained, friendly and always on hand to help
  • free car health check with every valet! Includes tyres, windscreen wash, oil.

Vinyl Graphics / Signage Removal


Without the correct tools, techniques and products graphic removal can turn into a diy nightmare. can provide a solution that will leave a vehicle graphic free ready for new graphics or for resale.

The techniques provide a cost effective method saving time trying to remove the graphic, the sticky mess after that and trying to sort out the bleached paintwork. Simply give us a call for a no obligation quote whether it be one vehicle or a fleet.

Vinyl Graphics / Signage Removal

Paint Restoration


We offer a service that removes light surface scratches, blemishes and scuff marks from your paint work. Machine polishing and compounding restores the original colour to your vehicle. Faded paint work can be revitalised depending upon the extent of the oxidation.

Car Paint Colour Restorer by pride shine

Steam Wash

Our service is fast, mobile, convenient and we bring top quality service to You... Enjoy Your time at home and we will clean Your car! Don't waste Your time to clean Your car call us today.

Steam cleaning temperatures reach 120 degrees Celsius with humidity of only 5% released under pressure giving 8 to 10 atmospheres which has the ability to give deep clean and sterilisation to all surfaces. We offer as well a new quality on the car cosmetics market thanks products developed with the help of nanotechnology.

Mobile Prices: From £65.00

Car Polishing

  • We are not your every day car cleaners, we provide specialist cleaning services and use the correct tools and professional equipment to give you the best possible wash and customer satisfaction. Our executive full valet services are quick, efficient and affordable, please feel free to browse our gallery page to see what we can achieve for you and your car.
    Our full valet cleaning services in London, Essex & Hertfordshire include the following..
    executive car Valeting London
  • Exterior Valet includes:
    Wash & Liquid Wax
    Pro Dry
    Door shuts cleaned
    Wheel Washed
    Tyres Dressed
    Auto Glym polish applied
    Exterior chrome and plastics cleaned
    Windows polished inside and out
    Executive Interior Valet includes:
    Boot space vacuumed & cleaned
    All leather upholstery, carpets / floor mats shampooed
    Dashboard and wood fascias polished
    Our executive vehicle valet service will take approximately 2-3 hours, please see our website for further services we offer.

For executive car valeting in London, Essex and Hertfordshire call the specialists on 07870769915 today for a free quotation...



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